Date 11/1/16

For immediate release 

New Haven, Conn.

Organization: Yale University, Department of Neurology

Organization Contact: PI Rafeed Alkawadri,

Position Title: Research assistant

Position Type: Full-time for 1-year renewable based on performance and satisfactory academic performance as defined by the principle investigator Location: New Haven, Connecticut 

Job Description: This is a great opportunity in an Ivy league school, reputable for an amazing research environment. Yale comprehensive Epilepsy Center is one of the first in the world. Yale is internationally recognized as a leader in treatment for medically intractable epilepsy. The center has been pioneer in many advanced functional imaging and surgical techniques. The research involved combine multi-modalities to advance our understanding of epileptic and functional networks with primary focus on intracranial EEG. This is a great opportunity to work by the side of a world-renowned neurosurgeon Dennis D. Spencer and neuroscientists such as Hal Blumenfeld. Besides routine job duties, candidates will have the opportunity to attend graduate-level coursework in neuro-science, biomedical, and signal and image processing. Candidates may have the opportunity to apply for their own grants depending on level of training to support further funding. Candidates will contribute in many ways to the research project, typical responsibilities include but not limited to: Conduct literature reviews, collect and analyze data, consent the patients, run matlab routines among others.

Requirements/Qualifications: Previous research experience is required. This position is ideal for students/post-graduates with interests in neuroscience, signal and image processing. Track record with several publications, and prior experience in Matlab are preferred.

Application Instructions: Please email your CV to the principle investigator.

Work Hours: Approximately 40 hours per week and flexible schedule. 

Salary: based on experience  Closing Date: 12/1/2016

Note for international applicants with visa requirements: Hiring process may take up to 90 days