The Course in Human Brain Mapping

Date 2/21/17

For immediate release 

New Haven, Conn.

The Human Brain Mapping Program offers a 1- year fellowship that involves  i. Course on theoretical aspects of electrical cortical stimulation and electrocorticography ii. Workshops on EEG and image processing iii. Clinical Observership in mapping and intracranial EEG iv. Mentoring in research and manuscript writing

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Course details (held biweekly)

Functional Mapping by Electrical Cortical Stimulation (ECS)

1. Brief history of electrical cortical stimulation

2. Stimulation and measurements 

3. Temporal summation and refractory periods

4. Overview of language mapping 

5. Motor and sensory mapping 

6. After-discharges

7. ECS induced seizures 

8. Mapping in Children: Methodological considerations

9. Intraoperative language mapping

10. Special cases

11. Cingulate/insular/parietal/temporal mapping by ECS

12. Cognitive mapping by ECS

13. Other uses of electrical cortical stimulation

Basics of Clinical Electrocorticography ECoG

1.      Overview of electrocorticography

2.      Intraoperative electrocorticography and anesthetic considerations

3.      Review of evoked potentials

Workshop on EEG and ECoG signal processing

1.      Basics of signal processing and filters

2.      Practical sessions: ABCs of high frequency oscillations

3.      Practical sessions: ABCs of cortico-cortical evoked potentials CCEPs and averaging

4.      Practical session: ABCs of gamma mapping

5.      Source localization techniques for intracranial EEG

Workshop on image processing

1.      MRI basics 

2.      MRI data analysis steps

3.      Functional connectivity basics 

4.      MRI practical session